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The people of Texas rely on transportation every day, which means our roadways must be designed, improved and maintained with the utmost attention to detail. The primary focus of our roadway design services is to give the public an efficient and secure way to travel.


Roadway construction management and inspection are two pivotal factors to consider when building roads. To address them in a professional and attentive way, our team is equipped with the necessary technical knowledge, education and experience.


Traveling from place to place in Texas should be extremely simple and B2Z works hard to make that possible. Our team is constantly creating new ways to find the best option for our client’s transportation networks. Whether you’re searching for improvements in an existing project or are creating new routes, we’re determined to help you.


B2Z has the utmost experience in developing programs and projects required for the analyzing and/or designing of foundation systems for transportation facilities (analysis of deep foundations for piling and drilled shafts, calculation of bearing capacity and settlement for shallow footings, modeling of global stability for retaining walls and embankments, design of flexible and rigid pavements, etc.).  Our team will make sure that your project will be built on a foundation ensured to last.


As a commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operator authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for aerial services in the United States, B2Z offers an ‘eye from the sky’. Our engineers and FAA certified drone operators combine their expertise to provide Aerial Photography & Videography, Professional Inspection, Volumetric Analysis, and Aerial Surveying with Ground Control & Mapping. With this data B2Z is capable of providing Digital Terrain Models, Cloud Points, Contours and 3D modeling. B2Z is a fully insured UAS operator, so rest assured your project is in good hands.


Your bridge projects, no matter how minor or major, need to be carried out by a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers who will ensure the work is done flawlessly. At B2Z, we utilize innovative bridge layout techniques and technologies that allow us to formulate the best plan of action.


At B2Z, expertise in design, inspection and condition assessment for our state’s bridges are a top priority. Our qualified structural engineers and bridge inspectors are fully equipped to ensure that the efficiency and safety of the projects we work on is always highlighted.


Bridges built over waterways run the risk of being damaged by scour. At B2Z, we design bridges that are resistant to scour and evaluate the potential defenselessness of current bridges to its damaging effects.


If you’re in need of land and right-of-way acquisition services that prioritize a swift procedure and objective-centric results, our team is here to help. From comprehensive consulting to alignment studies, we’ll work diligently to get you what you need.


Project Management is the key to every project’s success. B2Z provides management services to ensure projects stay on or below budget, keep work aligned with the defined scope and stay on schedule for timely completion. We work with our client’s every step of the way, from project funding to the final ribbon cutting!


At B2Z, our team is fully capable of providing clients with the comprehensive hydrologic study services they need for their projects. We’ll use our expertise and resources to determine the amount of rainfall and runoff, along with reservoir and channel routing.


Whether you’re in need of design services for storm drain systems, bridges over waterways, sedimentation filtration systems or even culverts, B2Z Engineering can offer the needed resources for your project. We understand that flooding is a very real danger, which is why we ensure every step in the design process is taken with safety, proficiency and effectiveness in mind.


Our clients know that our plant inspection and testing services are designed to offer the safety and peace of mind they’ve come to expect from our team. The procedure and process we follow ensure nothing goes unnoticed.


Whether you’re working on a small or large-scale project B2Z can help minimize cost, be more efficient and make better, more informed decisions on your projects. Using the latest drone technology and software we can provide site assessments, route/corridor selection, evacuation planning, emergency management response and anything in-between. B2Z has over 9 years of GIS experience using ESRI ArcMap and continues to expand on its capabilities.


At B2Z Engineering, we understand how important it is to see and evaluate the project you envisioned before any work actually begins. Our renderings provide the opportunity to thoroughly assess and visualize the project’s end result.


Planning on building or renovating your home? B2Zs residential department produces architectural 3D renderings, site plans, 2D elevations and floor plans for clients looking to construct or renovate their home. We provide you with renderings that meet your exact specifications. Planning on removing or cutting into load-bearing walls, adding living space by way of 2nd story renovation or addition with great rooms containing wide open spaces (no supports), a structural engineering consultation is warranted. If you are extending your living quarters, you will require design and engineering for permit documents. B2Z’s residential department can provide a professional engineering sign and sealed assessment for your local building department.


Our environmental document preparation services emphasize a thorough and complete approach that allows the document to endure any possible scrutiny during the process of public review. At B2Z, we specialize in the preparation of many types of reports, so give us a call for more information.


Knowing exactly where your project development efforts should be avoided is highly important, which is where B2Z comes in. Our resources allow us to identify and evaluate any environmental constraints such as flood plains, wildlife habitats and hazardous material sites. Your project matters and we’ll work to ensure its prosperity before completion.


B2Z has a proven track record of providing quality Geotechnical Engineering Services for a variety of types of projects including standard transportation facilities (bridge foundations, retaining walls, embankments, pavements), commercial developments (large scale slab and footing foundations, mat foundations, slab on ground foundations), and specialty projects (temporary special shoring design, soil nail wall analysis and design).


B2Z has the knowledge and framework in place to provide Construction Material Testing (CMT) services for civil and transportation type projects.  Our team is comprised heavily of ex-TxDOT folks with many years of first-hand experience and understanding of CMT programs, procedures, scopes of work and requirements of tests (AASHTO, ASTM, TxDOT – Soils, Bases, Aggregates, ACP, Concrete, etc.).  B2Z has all the necessary equipment, personnel and know-how to provide the CMT services for your project.

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